DATE: 28/11/2019

  1. Introduction

Foreigners entering with their valid passports or with the document replacing the passport may stay in Turkey during the visa or visa exemption applied to the country of origin. However, foreigners wishing to stay in Turkey more than the visa period, visa exemption period or more than 90 days are required to obtain a residence permit in accordance with Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458.

Foreigners who want to reside in Turkey, may make the residence permit application from outside Turkey and from inside Turkey. The procedure of making an application changes according to the situation doing it from inside or outside of Turkey.

Additionally, some people are exempt from residence permit according to the law. However, it is necessary to reapply if the situation that would require exemption from the residence permit ceases.

  1. Types of Residence Permits

In Turkey there are 6 types of residence permit. To explain briefly;

  1. Short Term Residence Permit : Foreigners who come to Turkey by taking a visa or within the scope of visa exemption may receive a residence permit for up to one year, provided that they request and provide the conditions. These are; who is approved by a court decision to stay, who complete higher education in Turkey and foreigners coming for tourism, business negotiation or trade, reside through the purchase of housing, therapeutic purposes, scientific reasons etc.

            A short-term residence permit is issued for a maximum period of one year at a time.

  1. Long Term Residence Permit : Foreigners who have resided in Turkey for eight years without interruption may obtain an indefinite residence permit upon request. In order to apply for a residence permit, they must apply to the Provincial Security Directorate or the Immigration Authority in their province of residence. Foreigners who have long-term residence permit may enjoy the rights granted to Turkish citizens, without prejudice to their rights to social security, except for special provisions such as the obligation to perform military service, the right to choose and to be elected, to enter public duties and to exempt vehicles.

Foreigners who have not received social assistance in the last 3 years, have sufficient and regular income to provide for themselves or their families, have valid health insurance and do not pose a danger to public order, can apply for a long-term residence permit.

  1. Family Residence Permit : Foreigners who come to Turkey and get a residence permit for any reason can get a residence permit for first degree relatives. The foreigner who has a residence permit is a supporting person. Accordingly, the foreign spouse of the sponsor, the minor and foreign child of the sponsor or his / her partner and the foreign child to whom the sponsor or spouse is dependent, even if he / she has turned 18 may apply for a family residence permit.

In addition, in order to receive a family residence, other provisions of the law should be satisfied.

  1. Student Residence Permit : Adults –older than 18 years- who will study at a higher education institution in Turkey or foreigners who will be educated in primary and secondary schools without family residence can receive residence permit during their education. Foreigners wishing to obtain a residence permit for educational purposes must first register with the educational institution they are going to study with and apply to the Turkish Representatives in the country of residence with their registration documents and enter with a study visa.

In addition, undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and doctoral students studying in Turkey, can work with obtaining a work permit. However, the right to work for associate and undergraduate students begins after the first year and cannot exceed twenty-four hours per week.

  1. Humanitarian Residence Permit : For the foreigners who seeks protection from Turkey, without the conditions for granting other residence permits, humanitarian residence permit may be granted by the governorships, provided that the approval of the Ministry is obtained and for a maximum period of one year.
  2. Victim of Human Trafficking Residence Permit : This permission shall only be granted to foreigners who are in the compulsory cases specified in the law. Foreigners who are strongly suspected of being or may be victims of human trafficking may be granted a residence permit for 30 days by the governorships so that they can escape the influence of their experiences and decide whether they will cooperate with the authorities.
  1. Result

If you are planning to live in Turkey or stay more than a period of your visa, it has to be decided that which type of residence permit application should be made. If you already have a residence permit you can extend it by carrying out the process of obtaining an extension permit. In both cases it is important to know the details of the procedures and to make the applications with an expert.

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Note: The explanations given in our bulletin have been prepared in a general manner to address the issue within the framework of the relevant legislation. We recommend you to contact our office for detailed information. Our office has been serving internationally for years and our lawyers who have detailed information about the subject are quite satisfied with our clients. We would be happy to help you with your residence permit application process.

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